Server Issues

I have unloaded the darklands. There seems to be some corruption somewhere in the world files – just in time before the 1.5 update…From the files that have been changed recently, the issue seems to be somewhere on or around the spawn of the darklands. There is no backup of the darklands due to the huge size (2.5 GB) and it’s temporary nature. That leaves us with the following options:

  • Reset the spawn area to virgin land and hope that the rest of the map is OK – risking more errors
  • Reset the whole map and work with a temp new darklands until we upgrade to 1.5 and then replace that again with the temp map – as described
  • Remove the darklands completely and work without one until we upgrade to 1.5


24 thoughts on “Server Issues

  1. Remove it. 1.5 is around the corner, and most of spawn was already stripped.
    I don’t feel there is any reason for unc to waste time on it.

  2. I’m fine with removing until the update.
    But, if others haven’t removed their stuff, a new spawn would allow for that.
    The spawn is mostly harvested and ready for new darklands.

  3. I agree with them, it can wait.
    The spawn is pretty much nothing right now.
    And I don’t think others will mind waiting a bit aswell.

  4. I’m personally thinking that the two latter options would be best.

  5. dammit.

    don’t like hearing that its all corrupted though. I left giant writing 160k from spawn just to see it when unc rendered a worldmap of it!

    *shakes fist*

    Probably just abandon it, new world with 1.5.

    • hehe I would not make a map of it since mapping 2.5GB takes too long.
      Anyhow the question is also what to have on the main server before we move over.

      • why not do a early vanilla server before 1.5, i mean it could, make it easier for the long run too.

  6. I can live with it being removed until 1.5 is up and running.
    But for the few who would like to grind resources option 2 seems like a good idea.
    If it’s easy for you to reset it it and make a clean map – i would prefer that solution :)

  7. I hadn’t cleared my stuff out of the darklands yet, so I’d like to see the far reaches return at least.

  8. Let’s go with option three. Definately not option one.

  9. I don’t see a point in keeping the old darklands anymore. Too risky, it’s already been stripped, and most of the materials are gone from it. I’d be fine with waiting ’til 1.5.

  10. I have items in chests I would like to retrieve. I can get to them via my nether portal but cannot get them back without a spawn portal. On Sunday you said in chat (IRC) that the launch of the temporary server would be our notice to get everything out of darklands before the reset.

    • But now that the darklands is corrupt is it worth something going wrong with one of the other worlds? A few items can be replaced. If a large chuck in say the empire was lost and could not be replaced with backup, all the hard work and time gone forever. I feel a couple items are not worth it. Just my thoughts

      • The other worlds should be fine. It’s rather a risk that the server lags in case I cannot find the files with the issues. I have an assumption and can try to delete those only. But there is a risk of server lag-outs nevertheless.

    • You sound a bit like you are accusing me of breaking a promise. Anyhow, I can try to delete the broken files and restore at least the rest of the darklands. But be aware that all the four files defining the center of the map will be gone, which means quite a large area around the spawn.

      • “Breaking a promise” where did that come from? My chests are more than 10,000 blocks from spawn. I do not have a treasure trove there, just inventory I expected to bring home. Do what is best for the global game, but if you open the portal I will get my stuff pronto.

  11. Simply put, my vote rests with the judgement of my elders…

    I haven’t had time to establish territory in DL, it seemed kind of gutted right before it was taken offline, and there will always be a little heartache when something surpasses its tension point and gives.

    It does sadden me that it has been unavailable, but given my limited comprehension of all of Unc’s back side (and front side) work on this server – its a merely a hiccup.

    …As long as emp and king are safe… all is well …

    Sidenote: Do people really just leave goodies in DL anyway?
    – seems like it would be worth more empire or kingdom side… Nuff said, I’m deviating my focus

    • Yes, I don’t see the point of leaving “treasure” like 10,000 blocks away from the DL spawn. It’s pointless.

  12. I still had a few chests in Darklands, but itwon’t be the end of the world if I lose what’s left. It doesn’t seem worth the amount of effort it would take to restore Darklands when it’s going to be replaced so soon anyhow.

  13. Yeah, I had stuff too, but nothing I cant replace in a few hours of new dl time. Let ’em go Unc. Wait for reset. 1.5 should be out in like 3 days.

  14. I think you should bring the old darklands back up for 1 to 2 days so everyone can clear their stuff out and then delete the old darklands. I’m fine without dl till 1.5 but I’d like Sleeping_Owl and Scar to be able to get their stuff out.

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