New Darklands

I have now created a new darklands so that we do not break a lot of other things. The darklands has the same protected radius so that new settlers will not break things too easily. Feel free to mine etc, but this one will be deleted when we upgrade to 1.5!

6 thoughts on “New Darklands

  1. Woohoo! Already mined 41 diamond ore, almost 3 stacks of gold, a stack or so of lapis, 7 stacks of iron, and 7 emerald ore. I caved like crazy and I never went more than 300 blocks away from spawn. I love me some virgin darklands!

    • How long were you mining when i left? Holy crap thats alot..

  2. Is there a time window when you will open the temp 1.5 server or do you generally want to wait until 1.5.1?

    • “but this one will be deleted when we upgrade to 1.5!”

      • My question was generally about the time of the opening of the 1.5 temp server, not about Darklands at all.
        It seems that the temp server is now open so my question is answered.

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