1.5 temp server live on port 25564

You can now connect to a temp 1.5 server on port 25564.

This temp server is 100% vanilla, so there is no protection, no commands etc. Whatever you build there visibly is likely to get griefed. Please be careful what you do where.

If you just whitelisted on the server, please be aware that the whitelist on the temp server does not update as fast.

The map from the temp server will be the new darklands. The nether from the temp server will be the new nether. So treat it with respect, it will be around for a while.

22 thoughts on “1.5 temp server live on port 25564

  1. A heads up. People are already taking stuff that is not theirs. People are already grieffing. Please please take screen shots when you have proof and report it. Do not take matters in your own hands when you think someone did you wrong. Hid your stuff well.
    Suggestion. Settlers are the ones that do the most. Could we ban them from the temp darklands until the protections are up? Please.

  2. We knew the new darklands would be griefed as soon as it was turned on without protections.

    I say use it as a honey-pot to reveal those settlers that will grief/steal as soon as the protections go down. Once all the plug-ins are updated, then it will be properly protected again. In the meanwhile, let the trouble-makers reveal themselves.

  3. The darklands will never be protected. Never has been never will. An area around spawn will be after unc updates the server. This is to protect the spawn area.

    • Sorry, by “it” I was referring to the spawn area. I should have been more clear.

  4. For those that do not understand. This is a temp server. It is not connected to the main server. When the main server mods are updated and the server is updated then the temp darklands will merge and become the New darklands. This should take about 2 weeks, give or take a week. As in every darklands there is no /home command. There is no spawn portal to go to the main server.

    • I missed where anyone missed understanding this?

      Once it becomes the new dark lands, then there will be a spawn portal, which will be protected. Rebuilding the spawn will need to wait until then, to protect it from grief.

      Unless I’m missing your point entirely?

      • Sorry but several people have got on the temp darklands and they are confused. They try to do the /home command, look for their stuff, think they are in Kingdom, or look for the spawn portal. When they are told to read the forum they said they did but were still confused. So I posted this in hopes that it can help anyone else that is confused.

    • If they don’t figure it out by the forums, there going to figure it out anyway…

  5. People that grief are people who are too lazy to gather resource, or who are malicious. Guys and gals imagine it this way: What if you built that beautiful mansion or town you just destroyed. How would you feel?

    • What if you built that beautiful mansion or town you just destroyed. Well personally i would not destroy something i made.

    • I strongly assume that people who grief don’t build beautiful mansions…

    • I meant: What if you built that beautiful mansion or town someone just destroyed.

  6. What inventory will be carried over when the other map is updated to 1.5? Will it be what we have on us in the temp map or will it be the stuff we had on us before the update.

    • You will be where you last were on the main 1.4.7 server with the stuff you carried then. You’ll have to make chests, fill them with your stuff and probably hide them, to make sure noone takes your stuff, to get the stuff you had in the temp server on the updated main server.

  7. All the chests in mineshafts now spawn as chest minecarts. I wonder how this would interact with the Minecart Mania plugin? Hopefully there will be some codes that will prevent them from de-spawnering after the 1 min mark (ref: http://uncovery.me/minecarts-steering/).

  8. Will logging in to the temporary server keep you from being kicked in the main one? I’ve been busy as of late and havn’t gotten on and then my brother updated without me knowing so now i can’t get on. i just don’t want to loose everything i had on there.

    • Temp and main arent connected in any way. You can go on the temp but will have nothing for the first time. Main server will stay the same as long as u dont log in for a month. Otherwise reset still. Did that help?

      • Yes. thank you. I figured out how to downgrade to 1.4.6 so problem solved!

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