Promotion batch [Update]

I have collected a batch of promotion proposals and finally sat down to consider and process them. So here they are:

  • cr4igg3rs
  • Sleepystrangekid
  • Comeelio
  • Psychodrea
  • LukeCreative
  • Crstl
  • Scarovese
  • [Update] Arielia [/Update]

Congratz to all the promotees & happy building!

33 thoughts on “Promotion batch [Update]

  1. Wow, fantastic! They all deserve it and are wonderful builders. Congratulations uncoverians.

  2. Grats to all upgraded uncoverians – you all deserved it!

  3. Congrats!!! And for LukeCreative, we need a “Dr. Doofinsmerts” for him! :D CONGRATS AGAIN!!!

  4. Congrats to all and I’m happy to see that you added Arielia!

  5. *thumbs up*
    great work to all. well deserved every promotion i see there. Some well deserved twice over.

  6. Congrats to everyone who made it! I’m glad to see Arielia added as well! :)

  7. Nice! Keep up the good work fellas :)
    See ya in Darklands :)

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