Real wins for the next contest coming up! [Update]

We have the jungle contest right now and it will end soon. For the next contest (and I do not know yet what it will be), I will be giving out real winnings. To be specific, I have 3 games in my steam inventory that I got as bonuses for buying other games:

I decided to give those away. So what I will do is the following: There will be a build contest. I will make a proper ranking, regardless of user level. Then, the top user will have the choice to pick either 1 of the games, or pass (in case he/she does not want it or has it already). Then the next user in the ranks will be able to to the same for whatever is left over in the list. Of course, we will still do an additional tiered ranking as usual and hand out rank upgrades!


I have received emails from users who want to contribute. So here is how:

  • Either you have a game in your steam inventory that you do not use anymore and pledge to give this to one of the winners. I then add this to the list here. Once there is a winner, you will give the game to the winner who chose that reward.
  • Or you want to contribute cash via paypal. You simply by another donators level and send me an email that this is for the contest instead of a donators level. I will add all the money together. You can give any amount you want, big or small. The money will be another optional prize for the winners to chose from. However, the winning user has to pick a game on steam from that money. If there is more money than the game is worth, the rest stays on the rewards list for the next one to chose. If the money left over is too little to buy something from, it will go into the next contest. We will most likely determine a max prize range for the game to be bought.


The next thing to do will be to wait until the server is updated and then to decide on what the next contest will be. Suggestions welcome!


35 thoughts on “Real wins for the next contest coming up! [Update]

  1. Excellent way to switch it up!
    My suggestions are:
    -Something nether related since we’re getting a fresh one
    -the best/innovative redstone invention
    -redesign one of the spawn items

  2. I have 10 copies I think of dota 2 still I dont need.

      • The makers somtimes sent out 15 copies out a time to anyone who has the game.Its been done twice so far as far as I know.

    • You have vouchers for those on steam that you can give away? I do not want to start shipping physical things around.

      • They are in my steam library for me to do as I please,nothing physical about it. I can add to my library or send as a gift like any game.

        • That sounds great! I think giving all of the 10 away at the next contest might be a bit too much? But it’s as you think I would ask you to “officially” commit a number of the games that you would like to donate to the contest before it ends, preferably before it starts (Middle of April most likely)

          • How ever many you want me to donate I will.I checked my steam and I do have 10. Only countryis china it is restricted.Yourcall on how many to donate.

  3. Very nice thing you planned there.
    Maybe a minigame contest?… no wait, that’s too much…

  4. Just wondering, but if we choose the money, could we instead get donator status and you keep the money?

  5. Hopefully it is a creative contest…
    Maybe some sort of temple like thing…

  6. or a timed build. The contest starts and ends in one hours time.

  7. I think a creative contest like the one suggested in-game recently will be a good idea, the designs wouldn’t be as limited as a survival build. It could make things interesting.

  8. So… You can win a copy of minecraft for designing something on a minecraft server…? Ok then…

    • Some folks like to have a second Minecraft account. Either for family or just to have an alternate. I have thought about it.

  9. I think with the higher stakes, a more difficult contest would be interesting. We do have a deficit of super tall skyscrapers in the city. It could be cool to see what others do with a theme like that.

  10. I just noticed that I have a Terraria in my Steam Inventory. You can add it to the list if you want.

    • Go into inventory and gift it. Email or steam username.Not to be confused with library. They are both different.

  11. Can someone gift me Garry’s Mod? But I’m also liking all these ideas, the ghost town and the nether one is the one i mostly like. Also, with a new spawn for guests. :P

    • You can try to win the contest and use the pot money to buy it for yourself! :D

      • Nahh. Pot money is to tempting! Going to have to go all out on this one haha.

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