New Server coming for banned users!

We will be setting up a new server for banned users so they stop sending me emails to get back in. The new server will have a full-access lot protection for easier griefing, cash rewards for swearing and and a help vampire setup that restores your health whenever you ask a question.

On top of that, you can buy op-level with cash, and we hired a group of elders to come over when your first dirt hut is finished to look at it and clap. I will give out my personal phone number and skype username to answer questions that people might have on how to join.

Hiosa will be the senior pixel art helper. You send him an image by email and he will come over to your lot and build it for you.

The joining-criteria are that you need to have been banned for at least 24 hours and that you are able to spell your name in large block letters across your lot, immediate op level if you can work a penis or a swastika into the text.

32 thoughts on “New Server coming for banned users!

  1. If someone does a Nicholas Cage pixal art I will come to their house and personally congratulate them.

  2. I don’t play much anymore, but I still follow a lot that happens on the server. And I just have to say this post was so genius that I came by to say I love you Unco. XD

      • Been practicing building my giant golden penis statues with swastika pixel art labeled in big block letters.

        It may have also been built in the middle of a collection of dirt huts.

      • Ask an elder to /ban you then wait 24 hours:) then you get unc’s personal phone number and can ask him to help you with the rest!

  3. I heard you were first on the list to enter the new server kid

  4. I didn’t even need to read the rest after the title to know that something didn’t add up. XD
    This was hilarious. XD
    The back of my head still hurts from laughing. XD

  5. Thank you Unc! It was great starting the morning with a few laughs. :)

  6. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Oh gosh, I though this was real when I read the title…..and then I read the rest, and laughed my head off, Thank you Uncovery for your wonderful humor.

  7. Hmm… means that if I want to be on the server, I need to be banned first. Ban me plox. (Just kidding please don’t ban me xD)

  8. I found this server, for real. It’s couldn’t stop laughing when I found it. And the capacity is 3000 players, plenty of people to grief… LOL

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