Pictures from diving holidays

I have just finished my last day diving here and will make my back home this afternoon. In the meantime, I thought I give you a look at the best pictures of the week diving I did.

You can see them on my photography website here. The top 3 rows of images are from this holiday. The ones before from previous dives over the last 4 years.

17 thoughts on “Pictures from diving holidays

  1. The pictures look great Unc! I Hope you had a good, relaxing time!

    (My favorite was the turtle headshot of him with an algae turtleneck :) )

  2. Your stuff keeps getting better and better Unc. You use your SLR this time around? Changing settings would be a beast underwater.

    Either way, these are just gorgeous.

  3. Nevermind, just saw that you were using the Olympus. That thing takes great shots. I would love to get a print of the school of fish circling to hang with pics I have exchanged with other photographers. Beautiful.

    You up for a print exchange?

    • That specific one is unfortunately very grainy an not very sharp either. If you still want to have it, I can send you a higher resolution file. The original is about 3kx2k pixels.

      • That would be very cool. I assume you worked on it in light room?

        I wouldn’t dare to touch it though. Your work should stay how you processed it. I like some grain in my b&w though. I don’t often do b&w except street stuff, but I like that feel.

  4. I love the sea slug! Those creatures have amazing shapes and colors. You’re a very talented photographer.

      • Those are called nudibranch. They carry the gills on the back. The one next to it is called a flatworm.

        • Why can’t we have animals on land like that…(and not in caves.)

  5. Very Impressive. Beats my Instagram crap shots any day. Otherwise I have a Cannon D10 that best leave on automatic. I screw with ISO and the world might as well end. And that’s on land, so once again, AMAZING job. :D I hope your trip was fun.

  6. Wow, these are just simple amazing. So jealous that you are able to go do these kinds of things!

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