Sorry for the server downtime…

The server OS has been upgraded to the latest version, and to take advantage of the updates 100%, I restarted the server. The issue was that the server, on reboot, unexpectedly prompted for a disk scan – which shows up before the remote connection is enabled. Since the server is hosted at a provider, the server was unreachable to me since then. I contacted the provider immediately, but until they got someone to go to the server, check it, ask me for the password needed to do the disk scan, until I had time to reply, and then until they again got there to start the disk scan, some hours passed away.

So far so good, just some downtime. There should be only minimal loss of data/changes for people who have been working on the server until the last minute.

Tomorrow I will test the 1.5 setup and see if we can upgrade already with the minimum configuration necessary. Maybe some functions will have to wait until the plugins are updated, but I will try to get the main functionalities running on 1.5 ASAP.

8 thoughts on “Sorry for the server downtime…

  1. So excited for 1.5 still havn’t tried it since the release. Thanks for getting this all sorted out Unc!

  2. With how well this server runs 99% of the time I think we can live with a few small problems once in a blue moon. If anything it makes me appreciate how well you run this server on a daily basis. Thanks for the great server Unc!

  3. Take your time Unc. I would rather wait for you to get the server working to your satisfaction, than rush it and have to fix it while impatient people complain. And as always, thank you.

  4. Well i hope its up soon, i haven’t been on it for a while, trying to play on the temp server (which ofc had/has trouble) dont want my lot getting reset.

  5. All is good Unc. Like Pagriefer said, it runs so well all the time, there is no problem with a hiccup every now and again.

    Plus, you were on vacation! Someone had to keep the fish company.

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