Server upgraded!

I have upgraded the server to 1.5.1, and so far everything seems to be fine. I want to make sure everything works and would like each of you to report any missing/broken things so we can accumulate them here and fix them one by one. There are some things I still have to do, so I will list them right away

  • configure Minecart Mania – since the plugin has been re-written, I have to re-write the quite complex config file so that all the command blocks work as expected.
    There is still a bug with detector rails.
  • enabling trading with new blocks. Please keep the new blocks out of the shop for now
  • change the IRC bot name
  • when going through a nether portal from the nether to the darklands, you will get an error message, but it still works
  • install the heads plugin so you get heads after hunger games
  • remove the “city-nether” world
  • fix the skyblock world portal. Currently the warp points to an empty space
  • If your nether home was set in a place that is now filled with blocks, you might be pushed up above the nether roof. Do not build up there.

Darklands issue

The first darklands we created for the temp server were corrupted. I am unable to find out where and thus unfortunately will have to remove them. The new darklands etc was not long on the server either. Since there was some griefing and other issues, I am of the opinion to simply start fresh is the best thing to do.


8 thoughts on “Server upgraded!

  1. :D Very cool!

    Everybody prepare themselves for…..guests O.O

  2. Awww, my nether portal central place I built in the temp. is no more. XD

  3. “Oh my… “. -George Takei
    The server is going to be so busy now. Excellent!

  4. it has not been a month from the last time was on and when i logged onto the new upgraded server i had no right to my land and my stuff was completely gone. the last while i have not been able to get on the server

    • It’s no secret that lots reset after one month. We posted numerous ways to downgrade in order to be able to log onto the 1.4.7 server. You could also have spent 2 USD to get another month extension as a donator. If you tried and failed to get on the server and did not even post a support request, I have to assume that you really did not care that much.

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