I won a prize :)

This has nothing to do with minecraft, but as you may know, I am a hobby photographer and I won a 3rd place in a photo contest of the largest German computer magazine!

The contest title was “City landscapes”. If you click through the images on the page you will see mine in b&w as the 3rd image (“username a-head”, should be uncovery but the user account there is more than 10 years old…). This is the image that won:


I am super-proud since this is the first time I participated in a contest and I am also winning a prize already :) Yay!

17 thoughts on “I won a prize :)

  1. The building that breaches Heaven’s Gate. Congratz on winning.

  2. Congratulations!
    I really liked that picture when I browsed your website a while back, glad other people like it too.

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