Small contest issue, backup processes revised

I recently removed the unsubmitted contest entry from the contest lot so the judging would be easier. I however realized that there was a mistake in the system and so I was not able to refund those items through the deposit system. Trying to reload from backups, I also realized that the backups for the aether world were broken. Somehow the files that were backed up are from December. I do not even know where those came from.

So for those who built but did not submit a contest entry, sorry but the items are gone. Luckily, most of them are only jungle trees and leaves. I will make sure that the actually submitted contest entries are being worked on properly.

So I reviewed the whole backup process. It’s a bit complicated since we have a RAM disk, a worlds folder, a temp synchronization folder and a world that are not backed up (darklands), lots of backend functions and quite a lot of data (several GB). If I want to retrieve something from a11GB backup, the whole think becomes a nightmare. So I split the backup into even more smaller parts now to ensure that we are having quality files and made sure that all the data is actually there and from the right date.

Hope this does not happen again.

2 thoughts on “Small contest issue, backup processes revised

  1. Good work uncovery.

    We all appreciate the time you sink into organising these kinds of issues.

  2. I second Psiber. The time and effort you put into the server is amazing.
    A big thank you.

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