Empire lot corrupted & Fixed!

I have for the first time today fixed a single corrupted empire lot. Here is the story:

The server crashed with a quite nasty error message:

net.minecraft.server.v1_5_R2.ReportedException: Loading entity NBT

I do not know where this error comes from or how it is created, but it basically means the map is broken.

I figured it crashed when either Xecaria went /home or when azkedar joined on his empire lot. Not when other people did anything. Their lots also border to each other. So I teleported to the corner between their lots and there, the server crashed again. Bingo.

So I did the following: I reloaded a backup of the empire world from yesterday. I then symlinked the backed up empire to the folder where normally the RAMdisk empire is symlinked to, and restarted the server. I could login on the location in question, so I knew the backup did not have the error.

As a next step, I moved the mint empire world that we copy lots from to reset them when users disappear out of the way and replaced it with the empire backup from yesterday. Then I removed Xecaria as an owner from the lot and inserted an expired user. I shut down the server and told the server to reset expired lots. It replaced the lot then with the backup.

And it worked. I was hoping that Xecaria’s lot emp_o20 had the error so I would not have to reset the other 3 lots in the quadrant too. And luckily it worked. Thanks to Azkedars chunk replacing tool, the lot system, the fact that we aligned lots with chunks and that I discovered the backup issue and fixed it yesterday :)

4 thoughts on “Empire lot corrupted & Fixed!

  1. Wow, that’s some real fancy footwork. Color me impressed.

  2. Woah that’s awesome. I feel like I need to apologize. But nice detective work and I’m glad you fixed it.

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