Jungle contest winners announced!

I have now finally gone through the contest entries and the winners are out. There is only one designer level user and the others are all architects or settlers. So I grouped the designer with the architects. Sleeping_owl also had the overall best entry


  1. Vixengold (level up, 2 stack of Diamonds)
  2. patpat211 (2 stack of Diamonds)
  3. scarovese (1 stack of Diamonds)


  1. sleeping_owl (level up, 2 stack of Diamonds)
  2. kzr_nvd (2 stack of Diamonds)
  3. kaosrin (1 stack of Diamonds)

Congratz to all winners! I will be copying the entries over to the city, due to the amount of entries however only those with a score of 2 or higher! Contest winnings are already in your deposit boxes!

Once I managed to copy everything over, I will start the new contest.


17 thoughts on “Jungle contest winners announced!

  1. Congrats people, look forward to seeing your entries in the city.

  2. Gratz to everyone who won! Just wondering… Did you combine citizen and settler?

  3. Congrats Mr. Owl and Mommy! Good job everyone who participated! Watch out for the return of the elders next contest!!

  4. Wow. Thanks. Grats to all. There was a lot of great builds. Can not wait to see that the next contest is and see all the great builds. Keep up the good work all. :)

  5. Congrats to everyone! I know I am glad to see Sleeping_Owl and VixenGold level up, hard to think of 2 people who deserved it more!

  6. I am very glad that sleeping owl won, he deserved it! congrats to all who won though and hope to see as many entries in the next contest!!

  7. Good Job Sleeping_ Owl! …oh, and the rest of you guys too, I guess. Jk, you all did great.

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