New Elder IRC commands

There are new IRC Commands for the elders:

/irc mute <player> Mute a player in the IRC chat. This is not a timed mute, please unmute people later! Also this only prevents their chat from appearing in-game, they can still talk in IRC to other players.
/irc ban #uncovery <player> Ban a player from the IRC chat. Please report bans.
/irc reload Attempt to re-connect the IRC bot in case it’s disconnected from the #Uncovery channel. Use with care.

7 thoughts on “New Elder IRC commands

  1. When banning someone it has to be /irc ban [channel] [player]. Is the channel “#uncovery” or just “uncovery”?

  2. I believe that every player should get a /mute Pinebenj command. or a /jail Pinebenj command. It is just something we all need.

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