Contest copied, new contest active!

I have copied the jungle contest to the city. I would like to ask the elders to help with the required terra-forming, tree-planting and path-building. Please also help contest submitters to re-place missing pictures and other items. You can reach the area with /warp jungle

The new contest is also live, please see the contest page for details! There will be REAL prizes this time!

14 thoughts on “Contest copied, new contest active!

  1. Are all of the trees there now part of people’s entries?

    • I do not think it matters that much. As long as the build is recognizable where it starts and where it ends.

  2. ” On there should be one or more buildings of any function. Of course, if it fits the floating city theme, it’s better!” is that the buildings in the city should be floating? Or what do you mean by that last sentence in the quote?

    • not sure what you mean. Did you read the whole thing? It will be a floating city. Every building will be on its own island. If you build a egyptian pyramid on it, it’s not as good as if you build some kind of propeller-factory. Get it?

      • Yes thx. I read the whole thing but that last one I just couldn’t figure out. Thanks again for clearing that up.

  3. “Also if you connect it to another contest entry via a bridge, you get extra points!” <- Who's up for some team bonus!!

    • Sure! i will. But I’m not building anytime soon fyi.

      • I’ll be doing a lot more planning this time as well…

  4. Have all the materials we used been distributed to our depots done?

  5. Hey, my fiancee and I just joined this server and we are super pumped about the theme of our first contest (huge Bioshock fans)! We just have one question though, which texture pack are you using to view the entries? We figured it would be good to know for aesthetic purposes :).

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