Server temp. down

Sorry guys, the server is down. There is some part of the map which got corrupted and I am not at home to fix it. Once I get home, I will repair it, but until then, you will have to -GASP- go outside and do something in the fresh air….

28 thoughts on “Server temp. down

  1. *Shuts windows and shutters*
    *Hides in room*
    *Breaths in smelly sock air*

  2. no…no…not the outside !!! you can’t make me…. AHHHHHHHHH

    Meh. nothing we can do about it :) when its vack its vack XD

  3. I have a similar issue on DrastiCraft. the server tick is buggy and threw an exception. Upgrading to the latest dev release worked for me.

    • is yours a private server or are you letting other people on as well??

      • This isn’t really the place to talk about it, but it is private, and I let people in through a whitelist via Email [DELETED]

        • Yes, this is not at all the place to talk about it. Please do not advertise ANY other servers here.

  4. I refuse to go outside… There are creepers out there…..

  5. Refresh… refresh… refresh… looks at window, “Nope!” refresh… refresh… refresh :p

  6. And I was jus’ aboot to log in since it’s been awhile… XD

  7. The sun is gone now,the dark awaits you,but be careful,the dark is full of terrors.

  8. The light… it… it… burns. *Slams door shut and hides in closet*

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