1.6 Update Notice

In the coming days, Mojang will release the 1.6 “Horse Update” with tons of very exciting new features and a new launcher. Finally, with the new launcher, you will be able to run several versions of minecraft from the same computer without extra tools.

What does the update mean for Uncovery Minecraft?

As usual, we will not be able to upgrade the same day the new version comes out. We will have to wait until the server software (Bukkit) and the most important plugins get fixed. Once this is done, we will upgrade as soon as possible. Please be patient until then!

Since this update does not include any new ores or features how the landscape is generated, there is no need to reset of the Darklands, Nether or other worlds.

I am a bit divided if we need a temp server again. While I understand that everyone will want to see the horses etc, we also have to keep in mind that version switching is now so much easier, that a temp server should not be needed anymore. Also, if we create a temp server with a new world again, what to do with it after the upgrade? If you guys remember, when we last time deleted a temp server map, people were VERY VERY upset about it. That’s why we started to delete the Darklands each time, and use the temp server map as the new darklands. We just had a new darklands map a few weeks ago however, and it feels almost too soon to get a new one already now.

So there are only two choices:

  1. Do not make a temp server for 1.6. If you want to ride a horse, please do so in single player
  2. Create a temp server for 1.6, delete the darklands of the main server once we upgrade and use the temp server map for that instead.

My preference is with option 1, since it’s less work, it keeps the community better together since people do not split over two servers, has less chances of crashes etc. Option 2 might cause some players to wander off to vanilla servers that offer 1.6 earlier than we can do. You input is appreciated in that matter.


21 thoughts on “1.6 Update Notice

  1. I have a lot of fun in the temp servers. It is a different experience to play vanilla with the people on this server on a new map to explore and build together. I have always upgraded right away not for the new features, but for the play experience. I do understand the risk of corruption and crashes and so forth, so I will not be upset either way. Playing on a fresh map with you guys has always been fun for me.

  2. I second that Kevin.. I agree with the second choice

  3. Just keep the current world,its just horses. Last 2 temps have been corrupted. So whats the point of making a world if it may corrupt a 3rd time? Corruption problems have spread to the main maps also from when you reset the lots.

  4. I say lets be patient and take option 1 as solution – do we need everything always immediately or could we wait for a clean updated version – without having troubles with a temp server?

  5. Opton 1 please.I agree with unc we dont need a new darklands aready and with the new launcher everyone can enjoy the update right away.

  6. I vote for option 1, just a week or so (if that) and we’ll all be doing /find horseegg in the shop…so no big deal

  7. Pick number one, muh lord! Shrek. I love that movie. But the temp server really is a LOT of work for uncovery. The dark lands we have currently is still very fresh. Running the temp server can cause a number of unneeded problems for the main server which will still get more traffic.

    But mainly since there are not really brand new resources that you need to race to the dark lands to get, I vote to skip the temp server this update

  8. I like Option 2. With 2, we’ll be able to make a entirely new DL Spawn, and people would be able to get horses. With 1, people would have to go to DL and go thousands of blocks to find horses, and i’ve heard people have been making horse stalls and such. I dont know, your the server owner. Besides, with Project DARKLANDS, I could keep an eye on what needs to be built for necessities, and such.

    • Just go into the nether and make a portal,bam! your a couple to hundred thousand blocks out.

  9. I should still have my coal blocks in time to update my floating city contest entry, so I see no need to rush things. :p

    But seriously, the amount of work involved doesn’t really justify the ends. A huge part of 1.6 is the launcher and some background code. We can wait a week or so for horses and two new blocks.

  10. I know i’m fairly new to the server, so i wasnt around for the other temp servers. How ever i’d still say option one. I dont mind the wait, the community as is, is worth the play for me. i can wait for all the bells and whistles. plus sounds likd it would be less stress on unc, so smooth running server sounds better to me ^^

  11. Im totes with unc on this one. If an option is both less work and more stable, its almost a no-brainer in my opinion.

  12. Option 1. :). I think we could always make a nice Horse stalls at the current Darklands spawn. I am sure Uncovery will sell Horse Spawn eggs eventually. They probably would be more then the average price of $100. But that’s okay. This would give us time to come together and build a nice Barn, with alot of stalls, with individual names on them. Less work for Uncovery the better.

  13. I was thinking of option two, becauze i am REALLY looking forward to horses, but Baron brings a good point, so i think i’ll go for option one

    • But what about horse armor, which is only found in dungeon chests? Would Unco sell those too?

      • Horse armor, and to a lesser extent saddles, are a good point. You can find them in the current nether and darklands worlds, but we’d have a really long run to find ones in chunks that haven’t been loaded before.

  14. I’m glad to see that there are well thought out arguments for both sides. It seems that Uncovery continues to have a great community. I have not been able to take part in it much, as of late, so I would not consider my vote to hold any weight. I have always been patient enough to hold off for the new stuff, and use single player to see what lays in wait. But I also understand the excitement of being able to try out the new stuff in a fresh world with online friends.

  15. We can easily set out into the nether and build portals that will take us VERY deep into DL after the upgrade. We can plunder dungeons and find horses that way.

    But can we even get horses thru our portal system anyway? They require 2 blocks wide, so we will be relying on spawn eggs anyway in kingdom.

    Easy on Unc is the best way. Leave it.

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