I have processed now a batch of recommendations for promotions. This time, the promoted users to architect are (in no special order):

  • Pagreifer
  • kzr_nvd
  • Iamjonno23
  • magmacube_king
  • moirdeth
  • Kod
  • HoldenGs

And patpat2211 to master!



33 thoughts on “Promotions!

  1. Well done and massive congratulations to you all!

    Well deserved!

  2. Hurray! Way to go guys!

    Congratulations. Happy, happy, I am so happy for you.

  3. Thank you Unc! This really is the best server on the web.

  4. Congrats to all the other people promoted. Thank you Unc, for the promotion and for running such an amazing server!

  5. You guys are awesome, and totally deserve the promotion. Grats to all! Especially Jonno :D

  6. Thank you Unc, and everyone else! I’m grateful to be playing on such an amazing server with such outstanding people.

  7. Why don’t I get promoted? Lawlz. !syug snoitaludargnoC
    (Read it backwards)

  8. Thanks Unc and congrats to all the others who are promoted!

    • Glad to see you moving on up!
      I don’t play anymore but I check up on this server on my free time :D

  9. Congratulations Pagreifer, KZR_NVD, Iamjonno23, magmacube_king, moirdeth, Kod, and HoldenGs! You all deserve this promotion!

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