38 thoughts on “1’000 days, 10’000 Users of Unocvery Minecraft

  1. Everyone should cheer and dance. Then, when your wife walks in asking “what the heck are you doing?!?” you can say; HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!
    -This can only end well :3

  2. -Crown Daiyamondo the queen of the elders
    -Enable mobs to drop their heads
    -Make the darklands PVP for the day (Could get messy)

  3. Promotions to celebrate!

    And yes, yes, yes, Mob heads. Either let them drop, or add them to the shop so we can decorate with them.

    Any chance of a PVP arena plugin? Something where you can designate small areas for pvp only? I have an arena in the Non-Occulto Imperium in Kingdom, and we could put similar ones up one in Pine and Pagreifer’s cities. This would allow people to use the subway we built to travel to the arenas for battle! Nothing crazy, just the 3 arenas, then people could battle each other with set weapons agreed upon before battle and they could enter with just a diamond (or other predetermined prize) in their inventory. The winner would then have the spoils of victory to claim! Just an idea….

  4. You could run a creative competition to see who can create the best build that commemorates the 1,000 days of Uncovery. The Ideas above also sound great!

    • To reach 10K users, could use Facebook to get new members to join in the competition. The only issue is new people asking questions about the builder’s rights but I reckon it’ll be worth it.

  5. maybe a big pvp event could be fun, like a pre organised hunger games

  6. I say, we should celebrate it with some fine Akium….

    I mean cake!

  7. I liked the ideas about mob heads, arena-like pvp, and special promotions!
    I would add something, but i think thats enough work for unc as is. :D

  8. If we add the mob heads, make them rare, because you kill moar mobs than you think

  9. 1) Backup server
    2) Install the ultra hard mods you mentioned back in the darklands thread, zombie apocalypse, hard mode etc
    3) Enjoy a day or two of pandemonium as everyone bands together to defend their lands
    4) Revert.

  10. I would agree with promotions for everyone, but promotions are meant to be earned! Imagine if a guest joined and asked how everyone got architect (since settlers and citizens are majority, I believe). Then they would think that it is super easy to get architect and would build sucky stuff and complain how its hard! I could understand unc upgrading people who he was at least leaning toward upgrading, but theyre meant to be earned!

    • When I mentioned promotions, I in no way meant everyone. Sorry if it sounded like that.

  11. Upgrading everyone would be a terrible thing. Upgrading a settler is a bad thing because all of us waited to 120 days to become a Citizen. They automatically get cheated in. Might as well just get new recommendations from Elders, Masters, and Architects. Set a certain time that those ranks can send there recommendations.

  12. I dont think anyone meant hundreds and hundreds of random promotions.

    For example I was thinking that some of the most active and long-time players out of the ones who are still citizens should get a promotion to celebrate the quite respectable age of the server. And the amount of them would be 5 or something like that. You would think there are still 5 or so of them who might deserve it. I do think likewise about the fact that promotions should be deserved.

    I also second the idea of extra recommendations though.

  13. I’d very much like mob heads and players heads to decorate my house. |D
    Id also would very much like a command to turn off the rain. .3.

    I’ll see what I can do to bring in more members. ^^

  14. Anyone notice that this announcement is for UNOCVERY
    and not for Uncovery? :P

  15. Loved the idea to add a new gameplay like when Skyblock was implemented. something like that would be great.

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