Skylands finally removed

After many attempts to slowly push people over the edge of a cliff without them complaining too much, I finally managed to coax everyone from the paradise-like skylands to the mob-infested hell-hole called “aether”.

Thanks to everyone who has participated early on and thanks to everyone else for finally moving yourselves :D. Just kidding of course.

I think I removed the skylands references from the code wherever I could. If you find it mentioned somewhere, please let me know.

7 thoughts on “Skylands finally removed

  1. While people probably miss skylands, this should help with the complaints of lag for a while.

  2. Good bye, old friend :(
    It was fun while it lasted! Lots of outstanding builds consumed your lands. Then you, in turn, consumed their bodies when they fell off the edge.
    So long, you beautiful monster

  3. Now that Skylands ceased to exist and all the evidence of its existence too… was it even real?

  4. ” thanks to everyone else for finally moving yourselves” *ahem* Luklukk


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