Server under repair…

I am trying to find and fix the issue that has been lagging the server over the recent 24 hours…

Since the map seems to be corrupted in one place or the other, I am now re-rendering the whole 3D map and see if that returns any spots with issues.

7 thoughts on “Server under repair…

  1. That explains why I couldnt get on, but the real question is, whats been lagging it?
    – The Redstone Ranger.

  2. Yeah yesterday it was lagging so much, I would join and after a min I would get the server timed out error. :/ Then the server wouldn’t even let anyone on for another 10 mins. I hope you fix it!

  3. Do you know how long will it take max? Or do you know?

  4. When all else fails, blame the Chinese Firewall of Doom.

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