Traveling – please behave…

I will be traveling over the coming 3 weeks (half business, half private) and therefore can put only minimal attention on the server. Should something crash, please still send me emails etc as usual. But do not panic if I do not log on too often.

12 thoughts on “Traveling – please behave…

  1. Oh they’ll behave!
    -raises ban hammer firmly above head-

    • (is someone jockeying for my job!?!? *GASP!*)

      Have a great trip Unc! The server will still be here when you get back! :D

  2. If any of you crazy partiers put a bunch of toilet paper around The School, you better go buy full coverage for life insurance!

  3. Good luck! Whispers: Everybody get your toilet paper out

  4. I got MUTED FOR NO REASON! I am really upset, please help!

    • First off, this is not the place for a post like this.

      Second: You were muted for spamming and bad language. Also some of it in all caps. Consider yourself lucky you weren’t banned.

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