Lot ownership issue fixed! (Or is it?)

A plugin we are using changed it’s command structure. When making lot ownership changes, I need to tell the server that something changed and tell it to reload the lot ownerships to activate the changes. Since the plugin update, I cannot simply reload all lot ownerships for all worlds, I have to specify a single world to reload.

So┬ásince the upgrade, whenever someone got a new lot or added someone to a lot, the currently used command to reload failed, and the server would not know about it until a restart, when all lot ownerships would be re-read. I fixed the dozen occurrences in the code now where lot ownership are reloaded (contests, etc). I could not test all different options but since it’s quite straight forward, everything should be fine.

If you come across someone who cannot access a lot after a change has been done, but the name is on the 2D map, please ask them what exactly they tried to do and send a support ticket. Then I can check the code and fix it.