Storage minecart issue

Someone is apparently running a faulty system that spawns and fills hundreds of storage minecarts. I regularly get messages over 250+ storage minecarts on the server.

I would like that this setup is removed ASAP. The moment I find out who is running this, and I am spending considerable time doing so, the person will be insta-banned.

16 thoughts on “Storage minecart issue

  1. Who can possibly still be doin this? Hasn’t it become clear yet that you don’t do stuff like that here, and that if you do, you will get caught. Unbelievable.

  2. Ahhhh… So this must be the cause of all the lag spikes…

  3. i tried to use one for a potion thing but it kept disappearing so i changed the design so it dont use minecart

  4. It’s likely that it’s somewhere in Flatlands… but 250+ Storage Minecarts are only able to be spawned with Hyperspawner dispensers since the Minecart Plugin doesn’t spawn them… Are you sure it’s not a bug in the counting system?

    • Psiber and i searched every single lot in the flatlands to no avail. So either it has been removed, or it’s hidden extremely well

  5. That makes me question… The only last thing I could think of.. is the command ./i in flatlands allowed? cause a person could make a Hyperspawner from. A spawner.

    • No it’s not allowed. And you can spawn those through minecart mania. One solution might be to simply disable cart spawners. Then people will have to make them by hand.

      • I would support that course of action.

        Spawning normal minecarts via MM is fine, but the specialty minecarts is a different matter.

        Otherwise you’d be best off making storage rooms etc from cart chests if they are free and spawnable. I think the rare use of this legitimately would be fine just to craft.

      • I too think that would be best. Tho we still must find the one guilty for this and punish them!

      • Yep… Only way is to disable MM… Also it would have to make people work for their mine arts instead of getting free ones..

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