Darklands now really dark, storage minecart update

I have now taken use of a new feature or 1.6.2, which allows to freeze time. So far, plugins have had this feature, but they would reset the time every minute, and cause lag. So the darklands has now been frozen to 23:00 – permanently, without the use of additional plugins. So no more sunrises, no more “safe time” from mobs! Enjoy :)

Also, I have made some conclusions from user reports, logfiles etc regarding the darklands. It appears that when someone wanders the darklands, all auto-generated storage minecarts in the underground mines are being added to the minecart mania database. I am not sure how much lag they cause, but they are listed in the database as “moving” and are in there until restart of the server. I filed a bug report with the plugin author, we will see if this gets fixed.

8 thoughts on “Darklands now really dark, storage minecart update

  1. Oh man. Akium is scared of the darklands now. Well, I guess it finally deserves the title.

  2. I feel like smth is wrong. Darklands is not challenge map, it’s resource map! Gathering resources is not like “oh, nice, hardcore”, it’s just dull. You have to spend a lot of time just to find some glowstone, which is wiped out from nether, then try to use it for caving… Really, not interesting, just stupid.

    • But it is a challenge map. Has been for as long as I have been here. The server is not meant to just be super easy. That’s why it is set to hard mode. I love this change. You need to work for your stuff. If you do not want the challenge, flatlands is always there, or buy a kingdom lot to build on and get your resources there as you build on it.

      Thanks for the terror Unc. Just as zombies begin to horde up on us, Unc keeps it even more interesting with this twist!

    • This IS what the darklands was supposed to be. A hard way to get unlimited resources. This is why it IS called “darklands”, this IS why you cannot use torches. And there is TONS of glow stone in the nether once you walk diagonally away from spawn.

  3. Hope no ones afraid of the dark,strange things tend to lurk in the shadows.

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