[IMPORTANT] Shop functions revamp

I am about to revamp the shop functions. We will be soon able to trade potions, named items, damaged items etc etc.

During the revamp, I am working with a plugin developer and his beta-version plugin improvements. This means, that for a short while, we might be missing some functions.


  • Enchanted items cannot be traded (for now). You can withdraw and buy whatever is in the shop, but you should not add any to the shop or deposit.
  • Potions can be traded now
  • Damaged items can be traded now

7 thoughts on “[IMPORTANT] Shop functions revamp

  1. Are we still able to withdraw enchanted item, should we win them from the lottery?

    • Yes, that should work. But whatever you put into the shop or deposit, will lose it’s enchantment.

  2. So, this means if I withdraw all the enchanted items I had in the shop before the change they will lose their enchantment… if they haven’t already. :(

    • You can withdraw them. Only new items added to the shop and deposit will break. Also, someone asked basically the same question hours ago just above here. Further, I said this was temporary.

  3. This place gets better all the time!

    Thanks for this Unc!

  4. I tried putting potions in the shop, but it didn’t work…

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