Hungry Wednesdays, Bloody Sundays!

Relating to this forum thread, I have now enabled a simple scheduler that enables the following special days:

  • Hungry Wednesdays: On Wednesdays, there is no auto-heal in the Darklands. You will have to eat to heal from any damage.
  • Bloody Sundays: On Sundays, PVP is on in the Darklands. The area around spawn is safe, but once you venture outside, you can be legally killed by other users. Those users can keep all your stuff, and there is no complaints allowed!

I will introduce more stuff over time to make every day special in some way. I will try to find things that are easy to implement and that offer some kind of challenge and also at times rewards. You will be able to find the complete list on this page under the “Features” menu.


28 thoughts on “Hungry Wednesdays, Bloody Sundays!

  1. Oh my, Darklands sounds more and more darker…

    1.6, The Darlands Update

  2. Man, I was hoping for PVP in Kingdom, but this is cool. Hopefully we can at least get arenas sometime in the future.

    I hope mob heads are coming soon as well. I would love some skeleton heads to decorate my cemetery and catacombs.

    • He didn’t say no to that idea. He wants to try this out first and not try to configure a bunch of worlds and lots for the test run.

      • True.

        Who is with me for the first raid on Pine if we get to battle there?

        I have plenty of hidey holes and sniper positions already built……

    • There’s a server like this. The head drops are far more rare than the wither skeleton head drops. So you’d get a head every two hours or so if you were sitting in front of a mob grinder. This was also a pvp server, so there was a random chance (felt like 10% chance) for the player’s (that you brutally murdered) head to pop off for you to collect.

      I’d love me some pvp in the kingdom, as long as it is somehow designed to be grief-proof. And maybe throw in guilds/factions..

      • Yes. This. Just one day a week so we can continue the builds……

        Then sweet jeebus, its time to attack. Hunting parties anyone?

    • I honestly don’t like the idea of PVP in Kingdom. I like building, and don’t want to be raided, as that would be greatly inconvenient.

      Though, I wouldn’t mind if it were opt-in, so people can enable it if they so desire. Just like you can add/remove snow and ice from forming in your lot, maybe the same could be done with PVP?

      • Yeah that would set back the school’s expected completion time back like ten years if it was in the kingdom. Especially with elders being able to forcefully teleport.

  3. We should build an arena outside of spawn for some nice (friendly / I-really-hate-this-person-and-I-want-to-kill-them) duels

    • YES! I was hoping someone would think of this. I don’t have the time, but I have the mats. Lemme know on here or ingame if anyone needs anything to get started.

      • Check the one I built in Southern Shanmullach, just to the south west of Heaven’s Reach. That arena only took me about an hour to build and it is perfect size for a one on one battle.

        We could easily modify it for a spawn arena!

    • I second that during the week, next week maybe, that we could work on something like that. Glad others had the same idea.

  4. This sounds exciting! Definitely much better than Bloody Sundaes.

  5. this will sound somewhat stupid but just to make sure, which timezone is this in?

    • That’s actually a really good question. Unc lives in Hong Kong which is 12 hours ahead of me. So just google “Hong Kong time” and it’ll tell you the time right at the top of the page. Unc please correct me if I’m wrong.

      • That’s actually a good question. I have set the server’s timezone to mine one day but it did not stick during the next reboot. You might remember that the server used to reboot 16:00 HKG time, now it reboots sometimes else. I am not sure right now if that’s UCT or Pacific time. Anyhow, the current reboot time is 16:00 for the server. You do the math.

  6. How about we get some UHC Rules up in the place? Potion of healing is the only way to heal in Darklands/Golden apples.

    • The only rule is watch your six.

      I’m coming for you.

  7. I will be sure to collect anything i need saturday :P <3

  8. That would be cool if we had some sort of guard thing that you could pay (a lot of) uncs for that doesn’t let others kill you or you kill them.

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