1000 days, 1% head drops!

I have enabled now 1% chance for head drops to celebrate our 1000 days anniversary!

Enjoy, don’t lose your head! And to celebrate, a photo I took last night. It’s the milky way over Miyako Jima, near Okinawa, Japan. It’s the first time that I managed to take a photo like this, so I am quite happy with it.


23 thoughts on “1000 days, 1% head drops!

  1. you can use any lense it is leaving the camera open long enough to capture an awesome picture like this! Good job Unc!

    • Not true. If the lens is open more than 20 seconds, the star trail become extremely apparent. Also, if your lens does not have the high aperture, you need a higher ISO and he the image degrades considerably. Also, you need a quite wide angle to see a larger section of the sky. 30mm+ would be the minimum, 15 would be the best.

  2. I understand that you can leave the aperture open longer. But like I have a 500mm lens that gives me super close up of the moon. I am also a photographer. So I like to ask questions about photos.

  3. Will a looting sword increase the chances? Or a solid 1%?

    • Loot will increase the rate i think but only like 0.1%/lvl.

  4. awesome pic! they say it will be sunny for a few days, hopefully we get to see some of your diving photos as well!

  5. …one day later Kingoftheschools one year anniversary…seriously…

  6. The pic is beautiful!!! Absolutely breathtaking! ^_^ The milky way is my favorite part of the night sky.
    Thanks for the head drops!!! :D

  7. Milky way all the way across the sky. A pity you only see this in really dark nights without light “pollution”. Very nice.

  8. Grats for 1000 days… I put on a zombie head… I still look the same because my whole head is a hat… Silly me and skin editing…

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