mute command fixed

I fixed the /mod mute command today. I re-programmed it so that it does not only do a normal /mute but also actually takes all rights to communicate via IRC, /msg and /me from you. It’s also timed, so the mute expires automatically after the set time, and the usage is still the same. So we should have no more /msg and /me spam from muted users. Yay!

13 thoughts on “mute command fixed

  1. Thank you uncovery. I appreciate all that you do for the community.

  2. Kidcodi got a new title as indicated by Scientist?

  3. Wonderful news :D Thanks for spending so much effort on this one! Worth it. Spammer Beware!!

  4. At least when Unc is on, we wont have to hear Codi anymore. :p

    Thanks Unc!

  5. I remember when keylar got on IRC after being banned. He mentioned getting a new account….. maybe, maybe he already lurks among us. That reminds me, fix not being banned from both the server and IRC

    • That does not work. I have to manually ban people from IRC. Since only a fraction of the people banned in-game come back on IRC to make trouble, I will not run on IRC each time someone is banned and ban them there too.
      People have to register with an email address to speak on IRC. Unless they had an IRC account already before, people usually do not register to be able to annoy someone after they have been banned.

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