AFK Prevention

I have recently installed and tested a new plugin that detects and prevents AFK-Machines such as water-flow movement loops etc that users have been using to harvest drops, XP and others around farms and spawners. Please note that I do not like these at all. I have now a logfile with locations and usernames of the people using those. Please remove these contraptions ASAP, otherwise I will come over and replace the whole setup with bedrock or something else creative.

20 thoughts on “AFK Prevention

  1. As much as i would enjoy seeing what you come up with, i understand why you’re doing this. Tore mine down. Will prompt anyone i see with them on the new ruling.

  2. Is the excessive use of said machines a bannable offence, or no?

    • This post is saying that any use of this machine is prohibited and now monitored. And I’m assuming that like all of the other rules, going against it and continuing with said act can lead to being reprimanded and possibly banned.

    • Well, think about it like this:

      I had an AFK-kick implemented already – for good reasons. To prevent excessive auto-harvesting and people being online without being active. Now I found out that people are circumventing this mechanic with more sophisticated methods. This is bascially, if I was strict already bannable. We are also banning people that we muted and used the loophole of /me emotes to continue speaking.

      So I try to politely ask people to stop it instead with this post. Your question if still doing so, and even excessively, should be answered thus with a definite “YES!”. But the plugin should basically prevent people from using those machines in the first place.

  3. Mine had only been up for a week or so, but it is gone as of right now. Dont want to be bedrocked in.

    Sorry Unc.

    • I take it that mob spawning has now been turned off in aether as a result of this? My xp spawner no longer spawns mobs.

      I used that stupid afk machine thing one time and I guess this is what I get.

      Any chance that the mobs will spawn again in the future?

      Sorry again Unc.

        • Checked. Still not working, Ticket submitted. Thanks Unc.

  4. I am sorry Unc. I knew of your disapproval for AFK and yet utilized a water walking device. Thank you for giving me another chance and not banning me. I immediately removed mine following the experience of getting kicked off the server. I want to be a model player for the server and feel shame that I failed to be one (my lust for mob heads drove me to this.) I strive to do better.

  5. Please, excuse my ignorance.

    Can someone enlighten me to what a AFK-Machine is?

    • A simple look on google or youtube can tell you.

      • It’s true. Anything can be found on the internet.

  6. i just looked up AFK machines. they’re pretty smart, and i never woulda thought of them myself XD
    usually when im on the server, if my mom needs to use the computer or asks me to do a chore i tell her, “ok, you have 10 MINUTES tops!!!” XP

    • Now if household chores were only Olympic events. I bet you would be a sure medal winner in putting the dishes away and others.

  7. Is a darkroom monster farm with a fall/lava death and a hopper to collect the drops against this rule?

    I have one, I have lit it up so its deactivated until I know it is allowed.

  8. Aww snap!! Haven’t been on for 3 days and my afk thing is still by my spawner!! The only thing that I hope is that my whole plot isn’t filled up with bedrock!! Sorry unc.. I’ll remove it tomorrow. (The 14th)

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