New donation backend!

I have now finished programming a new back end for the donations. So far, I always manually inserted donations into the database. Since this required always some time and a proper browser, I know have a much easier and faster process that also automatically sends a thank-you email to the user, instead of me having to do a lot of manual input and email writing.

While this will be a little less personal, it will however speed up the process and make sure that donations are activated much sooner than so far the case, even when I am on a trip. Thanks again to all donators, all those are a great motivation to me to keep the server up and running!

3 thoughts on “New donation backend!

  1. Nice update, works like a charm! I just wanted to say thanks again for all the great work you put into this server Unc! Also to those who enjoy playing on this server as much as I do. If you can donate money to this server, please do. Think of it this way, how much time have you spent playing and enjoying this server? How much would you shell out for a game on any system that gave you as much enjoyment as this server has? Obviously not everyone is able to donate for various reasons, I understand that. But if you are able and have a little extra money, it doesn’t have to be a lot, why not donate to help Unc out? With all the time he puts into this server to keep it running the way it does, I feel like it is more than worth it to send him a few dollars here and there so he doesn’t have to put in as much money as he does time. Once again, thanks Unc!

    • Well put Pag. It’s why I try to drop a few bucks whenever I can. Not always easy, but always deserved.

  2. Indeed. This guy shure does know how to make someones day good. Thank Brounc.

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