New Minecart kit!

I have now enabled a /kit minecart command which you can use to get a minecart. Duh. The max usage is once every 30 seconds to prevent excessive usage/spamming. I would be happy if people can make proposals on how to reconfigure the minecart blocks since the spawning does not work for us anymore.

6 thoughts on “New Minecart kit!

  1. Awesome! Thanks unc for all the work you hve put to the server! Your the best! Keep it up! :-)

  2. Isn’t it possible to give the Minecart spawning block a Cooldown too? The moment it’s used, it shuts down for 30 seconds or less.

    • Yeah, that would be ideal, but since the blocks are Redstone powered and not command based I cannot make a timeout on those.

  3. JoBillys way may be the only way to prevent excessive minecart spawning in flatlands. And by the way, did you fix the thing where the city disconnects you for using minecarts there?

    • I have raised a ticket at the minecart mania plugin creator to create timers on blocks. Without a modification on the plugin, a timer is impossible. I disabled the minecart kick in the city now, put of course we then have the risk of creative mode spamming of those.

      • With some of the crazy plugins I’ve seen, I expect the plugin creator could do something, so don’t get too far into stopping the city spam prevention

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