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I decided to make a proper donation page now. It includes an interactive chart showing the donation balance over the months. I thought it’s better to include some more information why the donations work as they do and give some more transparency.

One question is if users want to be publicly listed with the amounts they donated. There is a chance for an opt-in and a opt-out list. I would like to get some feedback from those that have donated more than 1 months if they are against being listed on such a page or would not mind. If nobody objects being shown on the page, I would make a top-X list and anonymize individuals that do not want to be named.

Update: There is now also a list that shows the top 25 donators without name. If you are among them, it should show the line where you are. Someone please confirm. Also, there is now a mention of the average (currently 14 USD) donation amount near the donation form.

9 thoughts on “New Donation page

  1. Honestly, I think a list with the separate amounts people donated is a good idea. That being said, I’m not too sure it’s the best idea to show each individual on that list next to their donation amount. Maybe having each separate donation amount listed anonymously would be better. This would keep the whole prospect of donating from becoming a contest, but still give some users an idea of what heights to strive for.

    Additionally, it could be cool to have the mean donation amount listed on that page, to give users an idea of what the average contribution level is, and where they stand relative to it. It might also be good as a point of reference for people who can’t decide on how much to donate.(if they haven’t donated before)

    Anyways, that’s just my 2 cents.

    • I made some of the changes you suggested already. The only thing I am wondering is why a competition for the donation ranks is a bad idea… :)

  2. I can confirm that the line the logged-in player owns is changed from “anonymous” to “you”.

  3. I can also confirm that it shows “you” in place of “anonymous”

  4. I also think having an option to have your name listed is not a bad thing, I can understand that some people don’t want it but some wouldn’t mind. I personally don’t mind, slap my name up there if you want.

  5. Dude, who’s this “anonymous” guy?! He’s donated tons!

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