Found and fixed another (much more serious) loophole/bug

So I discovered that it was possible to drop items through the ender portal. The portal being in a creative world, this is quite an issue since it means diamond armor for free.

I now removed the “vanilla” ender portal and replaced it with another one that does not allow to drop items through. No need to say that any proof of people exploiting this stuff will get them immediately banned.

6 thoughts on “Found and fixed another (much more serious) loophole/bug

  1. Thanks Unc glad you found this. It will help people not do this anymore. I would not have even though about that so thanks again. All players should have the same chance

  2. Good job Unc. Fixed something I didn’t know even could be done.

  3. Wow. Your fixing bugs that I never knew about. I give kudos to that , and a tasty cookie :D


  4. So the few days where we had one dragon kill after another within 30min of each other just got explained.

    • No,that can be done without diamond armor. I chained farm the dragon 9 times in a row with only around 20-30 mins each time every reset.

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