I have not been online a lot recently, since I have been traveling too much for business. I was only 1 week at home every month since June and therefore had very little time for games and the server. This week I am again on the road, but from next month week it should calm down a little and I will have more time to spend on the server.

I am currently in discussions with the developer of the websend plugin that is driving 90% of our in-game functions such as the shop, the contest system and many more. He sent me a new beta-version that should fix a lot of things such as enchanted items in the shop. Since the last beta he sent me did not work, I hope this version will. Unfortunately, I am spending a lot of time in cars right now and this is not the right environment to test new plugin beta versions without the risk to leave the server crippled for several hours in case something does not work.

So please be patient, I hope to have the latest version tested in the coming 24-48 hours. I hope I will also be soon able to close the contest and move it to the city.

I am also looking forward to 1.7. I will most likely do the following due to all the new biomes:

  • Reset ALL empty lots in the empire.
  • If I can manage it, allow everyone a one-off reset of their empire lot(s) within the first months after the new version goes live.
  • Not sure if I reset the nether, so far I do not know if something changes there
  • not reset the kingdom/aether/flatlands lots or change these maps in any way
  • darklands will of course reset, too
  • I am not decided yet if we will have a temp server. From the learnings we had at the last upgrade, and the ease to downgrade with the new launcher, I most likely will not do so.

6 thoughts on “Update…

  1. Thanks for the update Unc. It will be nice to see you on line soon. Safe travels.

  2. Thanks For the Update, Hope work Goes easy for you, Hopefully your riding in style while in cars!

  3. That’s very cool that the developers are working closely with you.

    Since the last update’s temp server was far more trouble than it was worth, I would agree with not making one for this new update.

  4. Happy and safe travels Unc. Looking forward to seeing you around again!

  5. Looks like a great plan. I’m enjoying the server and having a lot of fun! Pat…

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