Promotions, for real now

So I finalized the software except 3 points:

  • it does not consider vetos from elders any different than others. It’s only a point-issue. I want to enable something but am not clear yet on he method.
  • Karma is not yet displayed anywhere. You can however click on the usernames and see the karma on the user’s own page.
  • the promotions are not automated. The system automatically closes votes when the required points are reached, but the promotion itself is not done (yet). I want to run the system for a while a keep that manual to see the dynamics of vetoed entries etc.

I have built it so that I can see all votes and their weight on the proposals. Every proposal will be hand-checked by myself (I will do that once a day or so for now). Later, once I can confirm that we are happy with the system, we can automate it. So you guys can go ahead and submit real proposals, as well as cast real votes.


6 thoughts on “Promotions, for real now

  1. Wonderful, and a great option for the first vote up there. well deserved.

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