18 thoughts on “First upgrades!

  1. Congratulations, well deserved to each! It brings me much joy to see this. The new upgrade method is working well.

  2. Yes, a fantastic first round!

    also unc, unless I’ve misunderstood something shouldn’t the votes reset (ie abstain instead of supported) on upgraded users? Also is it possible to display on the vote for users page a time since last promotion?

    • Actually after discussion, we think even if it doesn’t reset, the user should no longer be on list for possible upgrade recommendations? Is this doable?

      • Also, could really use a way to withdraw a recommendation if you find out more info after recommending.

        • You are unable to propose people for 2 months after they have been promoted last time. I can try to add a line where it says how many days since last promotion once a user has been successfully promoted.

          The votes for the first promotion do NOT count into any other future promotions.

          Withdrawing a promotion is tricky, specially once other people supported the promotion. As a promoter, you can still change your vote to “Veto” later on. I would recommend to use that instead.

          I am not sure exactly about everything you wrote above. Can you be more explicit please?

  3. Well done guys! Congrats!
    Only – upgraded users should be taken away from the list for another turn.

    • there are no “turns”. This is an ongoing process. People can be proposed anytime, and promotions will happen once there are enough votes. Once someone has been promoted, they are blocked for further proposals for 2 months.

  4. congrats you guys!!! these three rly deserved it too ^_^

  5. Holy Cow. Didn’t even know I was nominated. Thank you everyone. I love this place!

    Grats to Akium and Chris too!

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