More news…

Here are some more news:

  • baronmanfred was upgraded to Architect (congratz!)
  • ueddy was upgraded to Architect (congratz!)
  • I have reviewed larger portions of the code. There was an inconsistency in how the code would switch between databases and if some actions were done in one database and then in another, the code would sometimes not switch properly and then fail to find the correct tables. I now went through every single database query in the code and changed the process of database selection everywhere to avoid this issue. This should reduce the amount of random errors and result in an overall more stable system.

11 thoughts on “More news…

  1. Congratulations BaronManfred and Ueddy! Both of you deserved this. It is getting better and better.

  2. Woot! Congrats guys!

    Thanks for the work on the databases too unc! That’s thankless unseen tedium at it’s finest.

    • True dat. Its awesome to know unc is in the background doin his best for us to have a seamlessly-working server to play in. Thx unc!

  3. 2 more well deserved promotions.

    Congrats guys.

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