User upgrades – possible issue

Currently, the voting on a user is closed once we have enough positive votes to get the required points together. However, if someone (let’s say an Elder) comes along to see a vote that he would disagree to, they cannot veto it anymore since the voting was already closed.

How would we resolve this issue? There are 2 ways:

  • We do not care. First come, first serve. If nobody is around before we get the + votes in, that’s their problem, even if a vote is closed after 1 hour already because it got enough + votes.
  • We make a minimum time a vote has to be open before it can be closed. That could be a week, a month or whatever else we think is reasonable.

I would prefer the second method, with a standard wait of 7 dates from the proposal. Opinions?

12 thoughts on “User upgrades – possible issue

    • In German you can say: “The latest are bitten by the dogs.”

  1. I think the 7-day method unc proposed is the best option, but first come, first serve would be fine too.

    In Finnish you can say “it’s too late to crouch when the poo is already in the pants”

    • … What a saying…

      7 days sounds good to me to allow more people to either agree or disagree with someone which leads to a higher “precision” on who gets an upgrade or not.
      The enough votes and done version is probably faster though.
      I’m fine with both.

  2. I think a 7 day time seems reasonable.
    Another option: Could the system send an email whenever a proposal is made?
    Or would that become a nuisance?

    • This.

      Email on proposal of new user for promotion to ranks above. Maybe not implemented until this first backlog of promos is resolved.

      Then a 7 day period as suggested seems like a plan.

  3. I would go for the 7 day rule, as not everyone has the chance to get on every day.

  4. I would also support the 7 day rule. I was on last night, joking that I slipped thru on a technicality, lol.

  5. Not that I can vote, but when I will be able to I would prefer the 7 day method or even less.

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