More upgrades & additional info [Update]

So here is the next round of upgrades:

  • Estebanismo (to Architect)
  • Rickard2012 (to Architect)
  • pagreiferto (to Designer)

Here some additional points:

  • when someone reaches negative points equal to the positive value needed to get promoted, the vote will count as “failed” and the user will be blocked for 2 months before they can be proposed again.
  • there is currently no way to withdraw a proposal. I am a bit reluctant to do that (it’s work, ya know), I think it’s just as easy for a proposed who thinks they made a mistake to simply alter their proposal vote from “support” to “veto”. Opinions?
  • [Update] If a vote is not closed after 2 months, it will be counted as “failed” and the user cannot be proposed for another 2 months.

9 thoughts on “More upgrades & additional info [Update]

  1. Hurray! Congratulations pagreifer! Congratulations Estebanismo! Congratulations Rickard2010! Wonderful, simply wonderful.

  2. Wow! Didn’t see that one coming this soon. Thank you guys so much and congratulations rickard and pagreifer, Well deserved both, once again.

  3. Congratulations pag, este and Rick – nice to see that :)

  4. Indeed! mega congratulations to our new crop of ranked up peeps!

    Comments regarding withdrawal of recs taken onboard.

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