Citizen upgrade moved from 120 to 90 days!

I have now changed the system so that Settlers can become Citizens after 90 days instead of 120. Why?

  • We have promotions now. I think that a user can prove in 90 days if he should be Architect or not. If he/she does not, they won’t get promoted anyhow.
  • We have the space
  • I wanted a method to engage people earlier into the levels. Before, people would be upgraded from Settler to Architect directly from time to time. If it takes 4 months now until someone can be promoted, we need to balance that.
  • This is a computer game. Things move fast. We cannot expect the majority of people to stick around for years.

10 thoughts on “Citizen upgrade moved from 120 to 90 days!

  1. I would have 10 more, as I’ve been here for 80 days, but my days left counter says i have 40 left still.

  2. Dose this just effect the new users or will the already users be tallied in this?

  3. Great idea. This and the voting seem like a great way to keep people more engaged, and involved with the game. 120 days does seem like nothing now, but I remember thinking it was forever back then.

  4. Excellent! Congrats to all the new citizens :D Watch your step in the aether!

  5. Wait so if i been a citizen for more than 90 days, (which i have a long time ago), i wont have a chance being promoted?

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