Help Request for 1.7 preparation

With 1.7, there will be one massive change in the system: IDs will become names.That means, a stone block, now called “1”, will become “stone”. Since we are running a lot of custom stuff like the shop & deposit relying on numbers, I will have to not only change the code where numbers are used in the code, but also change all the deposits, shops etc.

For example, when you check out items from your deposit, the code checks how much space you have. That depends on which blocks can stack, and how much. So I made a table that lists all the IDs that stack less than 64 items. This will have to be changed to list the new names instead.

So to fix this, I will have to make a translation table that is readable by PHP. The first step in this is that I have an excel sheet that lists all the ID’s, new names and how high they stack.

I have created a shared Excel document where I need this to be done. I would be very happy if you guys help me there and take a look at the Block IDs and the Item IDs and transfer the DEC value to the ID field, Name (without the “minecraft:”) and how high they stack into the sheet.

Having this, I can update the code to be able to accept the new names before the release of 1.7 so that we will be as ready as possible when the new version comes out.


9 thoughts on “Help Request for 1.7 preparation

  1. I believe it is finished! It has been annotated as to what items are unobtainable in survival, and what ids are used in 1.7 or future items. Good work to everyone!

    • Web is obtainable using silk touch shears in survival, and spawners are unobtainable.

      • ah, web block isn’t web item is. Will check though.

  2. I just saw this and was going to help, but man you guys are quick!

  3. Glad to see its all been sorted! go team!

    With regard to 1.7 though, any chance of an amplified terrain gen world?

    Those things are FUN.

      • only if you feel like digging through mountains.barely any biomes except extreme hills and deserts.

    • Let’s see how this turns out once we have 1.7 running. I would never do this on 1.7 golive. And if I ever did this, I would do this only if we replaced the aether with it, if it does not obstruct the server (it seems to use a LOT of RAM, but not sure if only on the user side) and if it is easy to do. In the past it was quite hard to implement special world options in multiplayer that were easy to do in singleplayer. Keep in mind that multi-world is still not a vanilla multiplayer feature. If it was not for plugins, we would have only one world, one nether and one end. See more here:

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