PVP Arena Process proposal

I have selected lot AET_N1 as the future PVP Arena lot. What I need now is:

  • A number of Elders and Masters that want to take over the role to administrate builders. I will add those as owners of the lot so that they can add members that in return will help building. DONE!
  • We need the arena to be built with a cube-shaped arena so I can enable PvP in there without the spectators being able to kill each other.
  • We need a proposal how the process would work. I would suggest something along the lines of the hunger games. If anything of the hunger games does not work for the arena, I need to know so I can adjust it. Otherwise I just try to recycle as much of the hunger games code as possible.
  • We need either several fixed locations with coordinates or a field where people can be teleported randomly to. Then I can program a command that people execute to be teleported into the arena.

21 thoughts on “PVP Arena Process proposal

  1. I’d be happy to build , after all , this will be used alot , right? :)

  2. I’m happy to donate supplies, and help build when I can!!

  3. Miner and Char are now added! Good luck, gents. Char please email me if riedi or myself aren’t ingame and there is someone you want added to help. cdywise@sbcglobal.net

  4. I have a ton of supplies that have been donated by Sleepy, Clas and myself. If I can be added, I can get all of them placed on the lot. I would love to help build as well.

    • so far
      almost 2 full double chests of glass
      Double Chest of stone
      Double of Stonebrick
      2 double chests of cobble

      Plus a few odds and ends like stacks of fence, and ladders.

      Add what you think we need and if you can donate, list that here.

      • just let me know if you need any supplies, and i will be glad to hunt some down for you or make it myself ^_^

  5. I would say that we can have 4 different rooms to tp to (more or less) and then hallways to different access points to avoid spawn camping by other players?

  6. I would say we also need obstacles like low walls and high walls so there ain’t too much direct line of site so players don’t sit in one spot with a powerful bow and just snipe people from far away and maybe some slow sand to intersperse here and there for traps

  7. sorry for the spelling and grammar mistakes I was typing too fast

  8. Okay – a group of builders is set up now:
    Its CharitableClas, Sleepystrangekid, Psiber, XMagnumX, estebanismo, azkedar, duckyboy3210, sleeping_owl, iamjonno23, lilroc17, psychodrea

    For original builders we’ve joined users that finish what they started on, because we are not going to chase after you to finish your build.

    Anybody who has ideas can post them here or email me (riedi73@gmail.com) or cody (cdywise@sbcglobal.net).

  9. XMag added all of us on flat_j9 if you want to experiment.

  10. What if we did levels, places for people to hide (and chase). Maybe a full open arena (Like how the Hunger games the movie starts there game) on top, with different doors on the side to go to different levels?

    Each builder (or a pair of builders) can take a level and theme it. Even add tripwire traps or such in them for those that don’t fight it out up top.

  11. Are we setting up a time to do this all together? I have all of thos donations that I need to drop off on the lot still. I will be on tonight if someone will be there and would like to help me transport them all with tp?

    Can’t wait to get going on this!

    • – we try to be on on the same time :)
      – if you want you can store your stuff in chests somewhere on the edge of the lot

    • Jonno, from the city you can /warp pvparena so even if someone with tp isn’t on you can still get there.

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