Floating City contest winners, finally!

So I finally got around doing the floating city contest. Here are the winners:

  • Designer/Master:
    1. aerox247 (is already Master), 192 Diamonds, Bioshock
    2. sleepystrangekid, 128 Diamonds
    3. pagreifer, 64 Diamonds
  • Architects:
    1. baronmanfred (just got upgraded), 192 Diamonds
    2. Rickard2010, 128 Diamonds
    3. Akium, 64 Diamonds
  • Citizen:
    1. XadrianZ (becomes Architect!), 192 Diamonds
    2. miloisgooddrink, 128 Diamonds
    3. wubwubthatshit, 64 Diamonds

On top of that, all users can chose from the following list of items that have been pledged by myself and other users. The preference goes from top to bottom, so aerox can chose first, wubwubthatshit can chose last:

Since the call for donations for contests was done during the last contest in March, I would understand if some users do not have the items anymore that they pledged. If so, please let me know ASAP and I take them from the list here. Winners, send me an email with what you would like to have (one item each) by email (minecraft at uncovery.me).


13 thoughts on “Floating City contest winners, finally!

  1. congrats to everyone!!! it was an honor to compete against you amazin peoples X3

  2. Congratulations to all! Diamonds galore, you desire them. Way to go! Thank you Unc for a great contest.

  3. Congratz to all that won, ill pass on the other games/ prizes!

  4. Grats to all! Well deserved, and a great contest!

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