Parkour / Race proposal

I got some requests for more games on the server, and while we are building on a PVP arena, I thought we can start preparing the race/parkour at the same time. Since we want to have something that is not getting boring, my idea would be a multi-option race.

We would have a track where you can race in different directions, with different deviations that are selected by a lever-combination before you start. People would decide on a combination of levers (on/off/off/on/on) which would raise certain blocks and lower others or open and close passages that give access to different tracks. There would be 4-5 intersections that each make you chose between 2 different segments of the track. Together with a backward/forward direction change, this should give some different track combinations to keep races interesting. Each segment can have some different key features such as:

  • Spider web slalom
  • Slow sand climbing
  • water obstacles (diving, swimming)
  • log jumping (if you fall down, walk back to the start of the start of the segment and climb up)
  • straight line race
  • etc

One question is if the track needs to be circular or not. If the start is near the finish, of course we would be better able to switch direction.

What other obstacles can we have? Can someone take a sheet of paper with squares on it and try to draft a course with sufficient length that has those different intersections to branch out the track. For the redstone, I imagine the following process:

  1. Switch intersections
  2. There are 4 lanes, everyone picks one.
  3. Lane one user steps on a pressure plate to open a gate for runners to open the track
  4. The same plate disables the intersection switches
  5. At the goal, people step on a pressure plate in their lane. The first one hit will be the winner and be signaled.
  6. The final goal switches the intersections back on

I am not sure how we can integrate the backward/forward race here, maybe the goal and start need to be always the same, just another row of walls lead either to the one or other. I imagine that this does not have to be all on the same level but intersections can be crossing over each other etc. Any input?



14 thoughts on “Parkour / Race proposal

  1. Command blocks can be handy for this maybe. I’m not an expert on them but it may help.

    • It’s possible, but since only Unc can place command blocks we’d need to figure out exactly what blocks we need and what commands to save Unc time. Also, we probably need a convincing case that we’re doing something really cool that couldn’t be done using redstone alone.

  2. Maybe a maze section? The whole idea sounds great as well.

  3. I like this idea, but I think it may prove to be trickier to make than the arena. Way trickier.

    • It may be best to do this as a contest, and then move all the contests to one area, or connect a few of them, this is the type of task that is so much easier to do by yourself, because of difficulties communicating designs.

  4. Sounds like a good idea. I would enjoy using it, or designing it. :)

  5. You could do a contest in which each entrant is given a 10x20x10 piece to build in. the winners can then collaborate on more small segments. Then, when there are a sufficient amount of segments, use world-edit command blocks connected to red stone switches to daisy chain each segment to create a course. the commands are simple, though theres a bit of math and stuff involved lol.

    • oh, and i am readily willing to do all the redstone for said project:)

  6. Sounds like a great proposition! I’m in full support. And I’m willing to help with the complex redstone mechanics :)

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