Minecarts & Minecart Mania fuly re-enabled, now with limits!

Thanks to our returned-from-the-deadwork resident coder, azkedar, we have now fully re-enabled minecart spawning blocks as previously. Please refer to the respective page on the details. The reason why we could re-enable this is that azkedar changed our plugin that limits spawning of mobs to include vehicles. So you are allowed to have 10 minecarts per lot. Anything beyond that will trigger an alert and stop spawning the minecart.

For those who missed it: We disabled minecart spawning blocks because one could built a redstone contraption that would spawn hundreds in seconds.

6 thoughts on “Minecarts & Minecart Mania fuly re-enabled, now with limits!

  1. Yay! Hopefully I don’t crash the server this time :)

  2. I have been recently working with the minecarts and all of the options available with them. One issue I have run across is the directional launch signs. I ave been testing in the DL, Empire, and Aether. I am not sure if I am writing the signs incorrectly or if there is a problem there. Any ideas will help. Also…side note: I have even went through the Minecart Mania wiki page and Minecart Mania reborn control blocks and sign instruction. Something may just be missing in the commands.

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