Lag: more info now available! Also: Item frames

I have now programmed a new function that records user locations when lag is high into a database. Then, when we render the 2D maps, it will count the amount of times users have been inside each lot at times of lag. This will be written into the map with a number.

So if you check out your lot on the 2D map, you might see a “Lag: 5” behind the lot name. Of course this does not necessarily mean something. It could mean that you are online whenever someone else causes lag. Or that you are just always online. My hope is that over time we will have quite accurate numbers about sources of lag in certain locations.

Regarding item frames:

Item frames are entities in minecraft code, that means that they are treated like mobs. If you have a lot of item frames in your building, to label your boxes for example, you create lag. I know that item frames are really cool to do that, and that they look great, but please keep in mind that this is creating an issue for the server. So please do me a favor and keep those to a limit. I do not want to limit them with code like we do for the mobs. But if we find out that the major lag locations is coming from the lots with many item frames, we will have to do something about it.

12 thoughts on “Lag: more info now available! Also: Item frames

  1. If you guys have no mobs for example, there is no issue. But if you have 50+ signs and full load of mobs, then it becomes one…

  2. wow, sucks that frames are lag makers. i think pag said it best.

    bye bye pretty storage.

  3. They should’ve been fixed/optimized in 1.7 according to Dinnerbone.

  4. Meh. I could say signs did it better. But, whats the radius a mob can be, close to a item frame to cause lag? Or is it just lag altogether?

    • It does not matter if there is a mob close to an item frame or not. Where did you get that from? The question is how many of them are loaded.

  5. ive only used three on my lot to hold tools me and tributar10 both use a lot around the area but if need be i will take them down

    • no need if there are only a few. Frames = mobs. 3 mobs are not an issue either. If you have you max im mobs and 100 frames on top of that, THEN you have an issue.

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