New heatmap!

CaptureI have found a module that lets you generate a heatmap from data and combined it with the previously mentioned location data captured during lag.

I also added a new link to the 2D maps where one can switch any map to a heatmap to see those new maps. Again, this is not a 1:1 locator for lag, specially not until we have at least 1-2 weeks of data. But then we can use it as a really good indicator where the issue is caused. The heat map will update with the other maps once a day.

12 thoughts on “New heatmap!

  1. This is very cool. :)

    But I suspect the heatmaps are offset a bit from where they ought to be. Nearly every hotspot appears to be in a location to the lower right of where some obvious structure is. The example in this post shows it: The center of the hotspot is over the void, but there is a base a few blocks to the northwest. In empire I was thinking it could be underground structures, but in skyblock and aether it’s pretty obvious.

    • Yeah I have to fine-tune the offsets a bit better. I have to store a offset in 2 dimensions for each map in a config. Strangely the offsets for the lot borders are accurate but not for this stuff although they use the same calculation method.

    • In this particular heatmap, the hot spots (colored areas) are the locations of players are when lag is bad. The colors go from transparent (cold) to dark blue through green, then yellow, red, and finally white (hot). The “hotter” areas are where players have been more often when the lag is bad.

      As Unc says, if we get enough data, we can figure out where players are when the lag is bad most often, and we’re hoping that will show where we can find the cause of the lag, which can then be addressed either by the lot owner or by Unc if it comes to that.

  2. and you used my aether lot as an example? i mean if my stuff is causing lag ill tear it down but from my understanding when i asked if it lagged anyone but me the general respone was either no or no response at all and sorry about puctuation and all but im on my ipod and its hard to type on it as it is

    • Yes I used it as an example. Not for lag but for how the map looks like. If there is anything you feel you need to complain about, talk to me directly and not in the comments.

      And you did not ask ME if it is ok to have this machine, just for the record.

      • ah sorry didnt mean for it to sound like a complaint or anything i was just thought you might have been singling me out for my potions but i was wrong

        I was gonna show it to you that day you showed up at my lot but you left before i could say anything and then i forgot about it but if you want i will take it down and then apply for a building permit to build it back if you allow it and ill show it to you next time we are both on at the same time

        • I want you to test your build and beyond that make sure that it conforms to the building rules, for example, no permanently running redstone. No running time above a couple of minutes. If you run it and see lag going up, (use the /lag command) do not use it when the lag goes below 14tps.

          • i have done that and the most accurate reading i could get was .2 tick lag and the redstone stays lit until i press a button and then it turns off for no more than a second to advance the bottles so its not constantly on/off

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