Good news everyone! Preparations for the upgrade underway!

I have now installed the latest build of 1.7.2 and for a test installed all plugins that we are currently running. Of course some of them failed (such as minecart mania, mob disguises and a couple small ones), but none of the important ones that we need to run the server. What does that mean?

First of all, the fact that plugins do not crash during the start does not mean that they work 100%. There will be more testing needed for that. I assume that the forums of the individual plugins will soon be filled with comments in case something breaks.

Regarding the upgrade, I want to wait some time until there is some form of stabilization in the bukkit development process. As of now, there are frequent new builds, and while there are right now no open critical bugs, that does not mean that there are no new ones coming. I want to see how often new developer releases are being added, wait until it slows down and at least wait until this weekend with the upgrade. Also, many plugins that deal with blocks currently will not work properly with the new blocks of 1.7.2. So they will disappear into a void in case we try to trade them, and sometimes those new blocks also fail for protection against griefing.

Since the upgrade will involve the reset of the darklands (thanks to tbrewda who found a seed with mesa canyons at spawn!) and all the empire lot resets, I do not want to make an upgrade and then realize later that a bug messed something up. With this upgrade, it’s a major work to manage it, and I do not want to have to do it twice.

But I guess the big message is the following: If you want to reset your lot or pick a new one, now is the time to look at the map make a choice. I will introduce a process where you can submit requests for a different lot. And in this case it would be also the time to dismantle your belongings and stock them into chests.


15 thoughts on “Good news everyone! Preparations for the upgrade underway!

  1. Will we be able to walk on the new map before submissions incase its something entirely different than what the map shows? 3D elevations don’t show up to well on a 2D map or the forests that are present.

    • Well we will do the process only after we upgrade. Then there will be a map (non-editable) that you can go to and take a look.

  2. I’ve been designing a portal house thingamajigg.
    If there’s no obstacles, and the 0,0 is a good place for it, then I’d like to build it if nobody objects. XD
    (Unless kddk does, I’ll just ignore him. XD)

  3. Hey, I was just wondering, how do I submit for one of the plots on the new-empire map, I found the one I want and would like to submit.

    • Unc hasn’t introduced a process where we can submit requests for a different lot yet. Im sure it will be front page news when he does. =)

  4. I have a question. What if ( I know people hate “what if” questions , but please roll with it :D ), a settler/citizen were to happy with their new lot (staying where their lot would be , like I would stay on AC14 ), and a person with a Higher ranking wanted said lot. Would the Settler have to change lots , or would they be allowed to say?

    • We do it like now. If I want your lot, you are out. Nah. just kidding. OF COURSE you can only chose from empty lots. This is an upgrade, not a war.

      • Now, sadly it isn’t a war. as the two people above my kingdom lot decided to go there to tick me off :3

          • Oh, Just the two * Insert british accent here * ” The bloody ell people on top of my lot!

      • I don’t know why I thought it would be like that , I just thought that since the elders have more power , they get to choose wha lot they want. *Puts down bow* Guess it isnt war after all …

  5. Is it alright if I have some of my lots reset but leave on unchanged?

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