New Empire seed for 1.7.2 found, map rendered

I have tried around with a couple of seeds for the new empire while working with the first 1.7.2 dev builds and found one that has very little ocean and a nice balance of biomes. Please see the new map with the overlay of the current lots here. The pink stuff are trees and flowers that are new in 1.7.2, the renderer cannot handle them properly. The brown area around lot C25 is just dirt without grass.

Regarding the lot resets:

  1. You will be able to reset any of your lots in empire. It will then look like the lots on the new map. You will lose ALL items on the reset lots, chests and so on. I will allow additional deposit storage during the reset time to help people move who only have one lot.
  2. You will be able to chose a completely new lot (on the new map, has to be empty, not the old map). If 2 people want the same lot, we will make a clear hierarchy of choice by rank, donators included. That means that a Master will have their pick above Designers, and DesignerDonator above Designers and so on. If 2 people of the same rank want the same lot, we roll the dice.
  3. You will be able to simply keep your lot and nothing will change otherwise.
  4. All empty lots will reset too.
  5. Strongholds and other locations with special mob spawn patterns (please read this here for more info) coming from the old/current empire will change the spawning to normal terrain features. Dungeons from the new empire will maintain their spawning behavior.
  6. Yes, we will have breaks in the world and strange cut-off mountains etc, but we have those already now. Look at Lot EMP_S14 for example. We will not be able to avoid this. We can only allow people to reset their lot on world generator changes to try to reduce the impact.
  7. No, I do not know yet when we will update. I will tell you when I am working on the upgrade. I will do so as soon as there is some more stable build of bukkit and when i know that all the important plugins are working.

4 thoughts on “New Empire seed for 1.7.2 found, map rendered

  1. If want a lot and claim it before anyone else, and a Master comes along, does he have the right to take it away even if I had it way before him? (I’m saying if I had a lot a day or two before a higher rank, is it rightfully mine or can they take it as their own.)

    • You will not have a possibility to get a lot before someone else. We will have a time when people can make submissions (which will be confidential) and then a date when we close requests. We then consolidate all requests and prioritize according to ranks. We will not let people occupy a lot or get a promise for one and then take it away from them.

      • Can I propose that people that plan to upgrade their current lot be able to do this first, that way people that plan to move will have a better grasp on what lots will be open?

  2. New map looks great Unc.
    Thanks for the hard work setting it up.

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